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Animal Love is a Comedy-Rock album along the lines of Tenacious D, Spinal Tap and Bad News, that takes the humour in Rock to the extreme, combining classic rock with Viz style humour.

With creepy Death Metal, and a Metallica / GNR comedy-horror Powerballad, Naked Flames also slip you a length of Cock Rock!
Retro is dealt a killer blow of satire, the misunderstood acoustic ballad guy and squeaky-clean sugarpop falling victim. Cockney Piano, played on 12-string guitar finishes the album with a Riot!

Modelled on, and sounding like classic songs Animal Love is one of the most Fun and Entertaining albums available.

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This is the sort of album that will sell a few copies, but get passed around factory floors and schoolyards, and end up being listened to by millions!
Gary Williams - The Music Guru