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Keep Your Man – an excellent Power-ballad that parodies Celine Dion. Featuring guest vocalist Ann Price.
Worms – a satire of the advertising industry with a pop at Jamie Oliver. Very popular with children.
Coldpain – the best Coldplay parody anywhere, commended in the 2007 UK Songwriting Contest
Home Sweet Home – a cappella. Currently our most popular download and one of the most eccentric songs ever! Also commended in the 2007 UK Songwriting Contest
Fish – featuring a vocal impression of a flushing toilet, this is one from the asylum!
Compulsive Liar – fast picked acoustic. We’ve all met this guy down the pub.
Raincoat Man – a very British eccentric.
I Love This Girl But ……. - Monster love.
Mutha – extremely sarcastic Elvis parody very loosely based on “Are you lonesome tonight.” Inspired by a friend who ended up living with his mother in law.
Castaway – our holiday song, for those who want a really extreme experience like the Tom Hanx film.
Naked Flames

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Imagine Monty Python put to music, this is the closest analogy I can deliver.
Raw Nerve

Naked Flames are having fun with their music and I applaud them for that.
The Music Guru

Nice to hear something different and with thought and effort.