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Radio Stations

Naked Flames are very pleased to be played on cool Radio stations that are giving music a future by discovering the best new music with shows such as:

Steel 93
Raw Talent
Steve Lamacq
Huw Stephens
Rob Da Bank
Pulse Rated Radio

We will never be played by the following Stations:

Radio Mediocre – we wouldn’t want our music to upstage the commercials would we?
Wallpaper Radio – music to ignore.
Yawn FM – we’re just too tired to discover new talent.
Elevator Radio – lift music.
Same FM – we play the same old stuff as all the other stations.
Déjà vu DJ Radio – haven’t you heard all this before?
Coma FM – the least lively radio station on the planet.
The Dusty Dave and Cobweb Chris show – Jeez! You thought Smashie and Nicey were boring old farts!
Thrush FM - the home of irritating twats.
Rigid Radio – the station that died twenty years ago but somehow still haunts the airwaves.
Time-warp FM – for those who like to live in the past.
Repeat Radio - we play the same ten songs every hour
Invisible FM - music you won't notice.
Radio SOS - Same Old Shit
Backhander FM - give us enough money and we'll play ANYTHING!
Naked Flames

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Imagine Monty Python put to music, this is the closest analogy I can deliver.
Raw Nerve

Naked Flames are having fun with their music and I applaud them for that.
The Music Guru

Nice to hear something different and with thought and effort.