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Naked Flames

Keep Your Man

Reaching the semi finals of the 2007 "UK Songwriting Contest", "Keep Your Man" is a classic Power-ballad (Heart "Alone" / Aerosmith "Dream on") that parodies the lyrics of Celine Dion. The song came about when keyboard player Den Miller went to see Celine Dion. There was free champagne and he was somewhat inebriated by the time he met her backstage! Guest vocalist Ann Price was the obvious choice as she was the only singer the band auditioned who could manage the difficult range of the song, and she makes it sound easy! The single also contains "Worms" - a satire on advertising, "Coldpain" - the best Coldplay parody anywhere, and the only unexplicated version of "Keep your Man". Naked Flames are signed with Birmingham based Ditto Music. "Keep your Man" is taken from the new album "At The Comedy Festivals" which is based on performances at Leicester Comedy Festival. The official release date is 13th August 2007. Chinese Translation!

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Imagine Monty Python put to music, this is the closest analogy I can deliver.
Raw Nerve

Naked Flames are having fun with their music and I applaud them for that.
The Music Guru

Nice to hear something different and with thought and effort.