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Hello. At the moment, this site hasn't got much on it. We thought it might be a nice place to put some recipes - ideas of what to do with all the huge amount of produce, well....courgettes.....

This one isn't mine, but it's supposed to be lovely - courgette and pine nut muffins - HFW

If you want to add a recipe, please do. It will look and function a bit better soon. Don't worry too much if you mess it up. If you want to submit other formats, please email them to me at

Anyone got a nice picture for this page?

Name of recipe -
Recipe (jpgs only please) -
Courgette and Pine Nut Muffins
Courgette koftas - kind of vegetarian meatballs
Kookoo with Courgette Dill and Sultanas (leave out the sultanas)
Courgettes with Yoghurt